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If you love keeping your sneakers clean (like me!), check out the Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner. It’s eco-friendly, effective on all materials, and extends the life of your kicks. Perfect for sneaker enthusiasts!

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner & Brush product review


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I’m a shoe junkie.

More specifically, sports sneaker junkie.

If you can relate, than you value keeping your special pair of Air Jordan 1s (or whatever show is your fancy) clean of dirt and scuffs. There’s just something about putting on a clean pair of shoes — amiright?

My Quick Video Review

Product Intro

If you’re like me and have a treasured collection of kicks that you want to keep in pristine condition, then you need to hear about Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner (and brush!) I’ve been a massive sneaker enthusiast for years, and I’ve tried countless cleaning solutions, but nothing compares to the near-miraculous results I’ve achieved with this product. I’ll be sharing my personal experiences and insights to help you decide if this is the right choice for your sneaker maintenance needs.

Stick around to find out why Jason Markk has become an essential tool in my collection care routine.

Pros and Cons

What I Liked

  • Effectively cleans and conditions, helping to extend the life of the shoes
  • Outstanding cleaning power, can clean up to 200 pairs of sneakers
  • Made with natural soaps derived from coconut and other oils
  • Safe on all materials, including leather, suede, nubuck, knit, cotton, and mesh
  • Eco-friendly, crafted with the planet in mind to reduce waste over time

What Can Be Improved

  • The solution is very liquidy and can become messy
  • The bottle cap may be prone to breaking, which can be inconvenient

Quick Verdict

If you’re serious about maintaining your sneaker collection, Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Care For Sneakers 8oz Sneaker Cleaner is an absolute game-changer. It’s an investment that has paid off for me in terms of exceptional results and value for money. Trust me, your sneakers will thank you after a round of cleaning with Jason Markk.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Care For Sneakers 8oz Sneaker Cleaner from Amazon. The delivery was super fast, and I received the product within 2 days of ordering it. When I unboxed the package, I found an 8oz bottle of sneaker cleaner inside.


  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Water resistance level: Not Water Resistant
  • Care instructions: Hand Wash Only
  • Date First Available: July 28, 2021
  • Department: unisex-adult

Features – What I Found

Effectively Cleans and Conditions

As someone who loves keeping my sneakers clean, I was impressed with how this Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner not only effectively cleans my sneakers but also naturally conditions them. This helps to extend the life of my shoes, keeping them looking and feeling like new for longer. The natural conditioning properties of this cleaner make it a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts like me.

Pro Tip: For best results, I recommend using the standard Jason Markk soft-bristled brown brush to gently scrub the solution into the shoes before wiping them clean with a microfiber cloth.

Outstanding Cleaning Power

One of the standout features of this sneaker cleaner is its outstanding cleaning power, capable of cleaning up to 200 pairs of sneakers. This makes it a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for keeping a sneaker collection in top condition. With this kind of cleaning power, it’s no wonder that sneaker enthusiasts swear by this product.

Natural Composition

This sneaker cleaner is made with natural soaps derived from coconut and other oils, making it a safe and effective choice for cleaning and conditioning sneakers. I appreciate that it’s free from harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients, giving me peace of mind that I’m using a product that’s gentle on both my shoes and the environment. The natural composition of this cleaner sets it apart from other options on the market, making it a standout choice for eco-conscious sneaker lovers.


Using this Jason Markk Sneaker Cleaner gives me the assurance that I’m not exposing my beloved sneakers to toxic odors, abrasives, harmful dyes, or colors. This non-harmful formula ensures that my shoes are not only clean but also well taken care of, without any risk of damage from harsh chemicals. To maintain the quality of your sneakers, make sure to use this cleaner sparingly and follow the recommended usage instructions on the packaging.

Pro Tip: Always do a spot test on a small, inconspicuous area of your sneakers before applying the cleaner more broadly to ensure compatibility with the material.

Eco-Friendly and Safe on All Materials

What sets this sneaker cleaner apart is its eco-friendly nature, crafted with both the user and the planet in mind. The product is designed to extend the life of shoes, reducing waste over time, which aligns with the values of sustainability and responsible consumption. Additionally, the cleaner is safe to use on various materials including leather, suede, nubuck, knit, cotton, mesh, and more, providing versatility and peace of mind when cleaning a diverse sneaker collection.

For those interested in the science behind it, the cleaner’s eco-friendly and safe-on-all-materials formula is a result of extensive research and development aimed at creating a product that delivers effective cleaning while minimizing environmental impact. This makes it a top choice for those who prioritize both performance and sustainability in their sneaker care products.

My Review

Let me tell you about my experience with the Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Care For Sneakers 8oz Sneaker Cleaner. As a sneaker enthusiast, I’ve tried numerous cleaning solutions in the past, but none have compared to the near-miraculous results I’ve achieved with this product. Even the oldest pairs in my collection, which had started to show signs of wear and grime, came out looking fresh and vibrant after a round of cleaning with Jason Markk.

What truly sets Jason Markk apart from the crowd is its remarkable effectiveness. It gently but powerfully lifts away dirt and stains, restoring the original allure of my sneakers. Whether it’s a pair of classic Jordans or the latest Nike Dunks, Jason Markk handles them all with care, keeping the integrity of the material intact.

One of the standout features of Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Care is its natural composition. Made with natural soaps derived from coconut and other oils, this cleaner contains no toxic odors, abrasives, harmful dyes, or colors. It’s also eco-friendly, crafted with the planet in mind, and safe to use on all materials including leather, suede, nubuck, knit, cotton, and mesh.

The value for money is another reason I highly recommend this product. Considering the exceptional results and the amount of solution you get, it’s a sound investment for any sneaker enthusiast. If you love your kicks as much as I do, give Jason Markk a try. Your sneakers will thank you!

Overall, Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Care has become an indispensable part of my sneaker maintenance regime. It’s a product that I wholeheartedly recommend to all sneakerheads out there. If you’re serious about maintaining your sneaker collection, this cleaner is an essential tool that will extend the life of your beloved kicks and keep them looking fresh for years to come.

Dad’s Final Thoughts

Keeping your sneakers clean just feels good. It’s almost, dare I say, therapeutic. 🙂

Find a good cleaner and brush, and be on your way to flashing your shiny and spotless sneakers on date night!

You got this, Dad!

Can you win at Dadhood AND everywhere else in life? I'm just crazy enough to believe we can. With the right knowledge, hacks, habits, and motivation — we can crush it ALL!

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