Self care for Dads what, why, how, ideas

Self Care for Dads: What it is, Why Needed, 14 Ideas

Mufasa. Ted Lasso. Brian Mills (from Taken). Dads desire to be ALL the personas. They want physical strength, emotional resilience, protective instincts, and everlasting love. Lofty goals require Dad to prioritize self care. Here's why it's critical for Dads and 14 ideas for regular practice.
Best Dad Jokes Book Listing, Buying Guide, Tips

Best Dad Joke Books: Reasons to Buy, Tips, Well-Curated Listing

Looking to up your dad jokes game? Buy a book! Memorize the classics or surprise them with new ones, then laugh your butts off. Here's why you need a physical book, tips for buying, and a well-curated listing.