The best software for organizing ideas

The Best Software Tools for Organizing Ideas

Ideas are worthless without execution. If you win the documentation game, you set yourself up for success. Whether it's your latest business idea, or a fun experience for your kids, here are 12+ digital organizational tools that'll help you move things forward. Take your sticky notes, random pieces of paper, and whiteboard scribbles to the next level!
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Is a Healthy Lifestyle Extending My Life?

Research says a strict diet, lots of exercise, and not smoking will extend your life. BUT, by only by a couple years. Um, what? Cue paradigm shift. A healthy lifestyle is more about quality of life in later years. Here's what I found in this journey.
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Morning headaches because of Orthostatic hypotension or Postural Hypotension

Postural Hypotension: The crux of my (sometimes) morning headaches!

After monitoring my resting heart rate for nearly 2 months, and a little research, I finally discovered the root of my morning headaches when I jump out of bed too quickly. It\'s called Orthostatic hypotension, or Postural Hypotension.
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If you could perform ANY physical feat, what would you choose?

Just to setup this hypothetical correctly, there are 3 rules to how you answer.
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What is an SOP?

What is an SOP? (and why your business needs to create them)

Every time you bite into a hot McDonald\'s cheeseburger, you\'ll experience one of the most successful SOPs in the history of American business.
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