Self care for Dads what, why, how, ideas

Self Care for Dads: What it is, Why Needed, 14 Ideas

Mufasa. Ted Lasso. Brian Mills (from Taken). Dads desire to be ALL the personas. They want physical strength, emotional resilience, protective instincts, and everlasting love. Lofty goals require Dad to prioritize self care. Here's why it's critical for Dads and 14 ideas for regular practice.
Coffee Mugs for Dad Buying Guide Ideas

Coffee Mugs for Dad: The Supreme Buying Guide

Does your Dad need another coffee mug? Probably not. But, they're still an awesome gift. Here's the supreme buying guide, listing out the best of the best coffee mugs for Dad. Find one that's funny, inspirational, unique, heat-changing, personalized, & more! Let's get sippin'.
Rough & Tumble Play with Dad - History, Examples, Benefits, Psychology, Products

Rough & Tumble Play: Guide to Benefits, Examples, Psychology

If you're anything like me, I delight in the rough and tumble play with my kids. And they love it, too. But did you know this activity is more than just fun? Your kids will reap huge benefits emotionally, physically, socially, and more. Here's your ultimate guide. Time to wrestle!