Review of Blue Sky Notes Professional Notebook

Blue Sky Notes Professional Notebook: Product Review

Need an honest review of the the Blue Sky Notes Professional Notebook? I'm your huckleberry. It's durable, versatile, and writes smoooooth!
Review of Time Timer 60 Visual Clock

Time Timer Visual 60 Minute Clock: Product Review

Need an honest review of the TIME TIMER 60 Minute Clock? I'm your huckleberry. This visual timer is Dad's best friend and a must-have!
Harnessing SOPs: Guide For Dads To Stay Organized, Productive

Harnessing SOPs: Guide for Dads to Stay Organized, Productive

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are not just for business, they can be used at home. By involving the entire family, documenting procedures, delegating tasks — dads can create a harmonious and efficient household, resulting in reduced stress and stronger family bonds.
The best idea organizer app, software listing comparison guide

The Best Idea Organizer App, Software: Comparison Guide

Ideas are worthless without execution. If you win the documentation game, you set yourself up for success. Whether it's your latest business idea, or a fun experience for your kids, here are 12+ digital organizational apps & software tools that'll help move things forward.