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This melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro Snapback Hat is my FAVE! This water-resistant, sweat-wicking cap is perfect for around the pool, beach, or those hot sweaty days. Stylish, durable, comfortable, and floats.

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This Dad lives in a very humid climate.

Which means, I sweat a lot and spend many Summer days by the pool with my kids.

These are problems for guys that like to wear hats. Not only do normal hats love to absorb and show sweat stains (gross), but they don’t adapt well to water.

Then, I found the brand melin and their Hydro Snapback Hat. Not only stylish, but super functional!

My Quick Video Review

Product Intro

I’ve been wearing the melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro Snapback Hat for 2 years now, and I’m pretty impressed with its features. This water-resistant baseball cap lives up to its promise of keeping your head dry and sweat-free, making it perfect for activities like golf, running, or workouts. Plus, it comes in a sleek white color that goes well with any outfit.

Pros and Cons

What I Liked

  1. The water and sweat-repellent feature really works!
  2. The material is top-notch quality and it’s built to last. It definitely feels durable and well-made.
  3. The breathable design and moisture-wicking lining are a game-changer, especially on hotter days.
  4. The unisex fit is great and the adjustable snapback closure ensures a comfortable fit for anyone.
  5. The floatable visor core is a fantastic addition, especially if you’re around water often.

What Can Be Improved

  1. The price point might be a bit steep for some, especially if the logo is missing on the front of the cap.

Quick Verdict

Overall, the melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro Snapback Hat is a great investment for anyone who’s active and wants a high-quality, water-resistant cap. If you’re looking for a reliable hat that can keep up with your active lifestyle, I’d definitely recommend checking out the melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro Snapback Hat on Amazon.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I purchaed the melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro, Snapback Hats, Water-Resistant Baseball Caps for Men & Women, Golf, Running, or Workout Hat Small-Medium White on Amazon to use for my outdoor activities. The delivery was super fast, and I received the product within 2 days of ordering. When I opened the box, I found the hat neatly packed inside, ready to be worn.


  • Closure type: Snap
  • Origin: Imported
  • Care instructions: Hand Wash Only
  • Fabric type: Hydro

Features – What I Found

Water & Sweat Repellent

The melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro hat is designed with hydrophobic technology to repel water and prevent absorption, keeping your head dry. The moisture-wicking lining also helps to wick away sweat, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sports. Whether you’re playing golf, running, or working out, this water-resistant baseball cap is built to keep you comfortable and dry.

Pro-tip: To maximize the water-repellent feature, avoid submerging the hat in water for long periods, and allow it to air dry completely before wearing it again.

Engineered to Float

This baseball cap is crafted from lightweight, durable materials and features a floatable visor core, making it water-friendly. Whether you’re spending time by the pool or on a boat, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your hat won’t sink if it accidentally falls into the water. The Odyssey Stacked Hydro hat is designed for both performance and practicality, making it a versatile choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Performance Snapback Hat

The exterior crown of the hat features hydrophobic panels and laser-perforated side and rear panels for enhanced breathability. Additionally, the custom soft touch snapback closure ensures a comfortable and secure fit. The honeycomb visor is designed for weight reduction and packability, adding to the overall performance and functionality of the hat. It’s a stylish yet functional choice for both men and women.

Breathable & Moisture-Wicking

The interior of the hat is lined with performance moisture-wicking material to keep your head dry and free of sweat and moisture. Whether you’re wearing it in the summer or winter, the breathable and moisture-wicking features make this hat a practical and comfortable choice for all seasons.

Pro-tip: To maintain the moisture-wicking properties, hand wash the hat with mild detergent and air dry it to preserve its performance.

Unisex Fit

This hat offers a slightly taller fit but wears a bit more shallow with a modified point on the front panels. It is available in Small and Classic sizes, with the Small size fitting head sizes under 7 1/4 and the Classic (Medium-Large) size fitting sizes 7 3/8 – 7 5/8. The versatile unisex fit makes it suitable for both men and women, allowing for a comfortable and stylish look for various head sizes.

My Review

As someone who is always on the lookout for high-quality hats, I have to say that the melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro Snapback Hat blew me away. The water and sweat repellent feature really works, keeping my head dry even during mild workouts. I also love the fact that it’s engineered to float, so I never have to worry about losing it in the water while I’m at beach, pool, or enjoying water activities. The moisture-wicking lining is a game-changer, ensuring that my head stays dry and comfortable no matter how much I sweat. If you’re looking for a versatile, high-performance hat for both men and women, this is definitely the one to go for. Plus, the unisex fit makes it suitable for a wide range of head sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Despite a few shipping issues experienced by other customers, I didn’t encounter any problems with my order. The quality of the hat itself is top-notch, and the customer service from melin was outstanding. I highly recommend giving this hat a try, especially if you’re in need of a durable and stylish option for everyday wear or athletic activities. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this fantastic hat to your collection.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and will definitely be buying more of these hats in the future. The modern look and the comfort it provides make it well worth the investment. I would encourage anyone in the market for a new hat to give the melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro a try. With a rating of 4.3 and a total of 45 ratings, you can trust that this hat is a top-quality product that delivers on its promises.

Dad’s Final Thoughts

Finding products that are both stylish and functional get me excited.

Yes, this melin hat is close to $70, but think about all those $20 hats you trashed because of sweat stains.

This hat sits in a class by itself.

You got this, Dad!

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