Best Men's Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin review

Best Men’s Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin: Product review

Got sensitive skin? Proraso Refreshing Shaving Cream for Men is a game-changer! With a refreshing eucalyptus scent, it moisturizes, prevents razor burn, and delivers a smooth, close shave. Bye bye after shave!
Best Book Light for Reading Amazon Review

Best Book Light for Reading: Product review

Humble brag alert! I've mastered the art of getting my kids to read more. Books everywhere, strategic placements, and easy-to-use book lights! Perfect for nighttime reading, USB-C rechargeable, and stylish.
melin Hat Review Hydro Snapback White

melin Hydro Snapback Hat: Product review

This melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro Snapback Hat is my FAVE! This water-resistant, sweat-wicking cap is perfect for around the pool, beach, or those hot sweaty days. Stylish, durable, comfortable, and floats.
Best Gender Reveal Cannons with Powder & Confetti Review

Best Gender Reveal Cannons (Confetti & Smoke): Product review

Need a gender reveal cannon that has both confetti and powder? My family, including my two other kids, used these from Revealations. It delivered a big pop, vibrant colors, and biodegradable confetti — yay for no cleanup!
Hex Performance Laundry Detergent Packs Pods Review

Hex Performance Laundry Detergent Packs: Product review

Dad smell: it's a thing! Don't avoid it, tackle the odors with HEX Performance Laundry Packs. Ideal for activewear, eco-friendly, and safe for all fabrics.
Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner & Brush product review

Jason Marrk Shoe Cleaner & Brush: Product review

If you love keeping your sneakers clean (like me!), check out the Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner. It’s eco-friendly, effective on all materials, and extends the life of your kicks. Perfect for sneaker enthusiasts!
Anti Monkey Butt body powder review

Anti Monkey Butt Body Powder: Product review

Say goodbye to chafing and irritation with Anti Monkey Butt Body Powder! Its been a game-changer, offering relief and confidence for all your butt-busting activities w/out the talc. My review from an active Dad who uses it DAILY.
Best sand castle building kit review

Best Sand Castle Building Kit: Product review

This sand castle kit? Genius. They've turned me and my kids into architectural masterminds! No more bucket stress, just building epic sand fortresses. It's also helped my kids' confidence & independence at the beach!
Best cigar humidity packs from Boveda product review

Best Cigar Humidity Packs: Boveda Product review

Have a cigar humidor? Annoyed by the manual process of using a wet sponge and the subsequent mess of obtaining the perfect humidity. There's a better and easier way. These Boveda cigar humidity packs are a game changer!
Bike Pump compatible with presta and schrader valves review

Bike Pump compatible with presta & schrader valves: Product Review

Need a bike pump that is compatible with both presta and schrader valves, AND quickly attach a needle to inflate those sports balls? Here's my review of the Toolitin high-pressure floor pump, it's a winner!