Best cigar humidity packs from Boveda product review

Best Cigar Humidity Packs: Boveda Product review

Have a cigar humidor? Annoyed by the manual process of using a wet sponge and the subsequent mess of obtaining the perfect humidity. There's a better and easier way. These Boveda cigar humidity packs are a game changer!
Review of the Modern JP Adhesive Hat Hooks for Wall

Hat Hooks on Wall by Modern JP: Product Review

Dads love hats. And they need a cool and organized way to hang their hats on the wall. These simple and modern hat hooks by Modern JP will do the trick. Here's my review!
Review of the Graded Card Storage Box - Premium Sports Card Display Case for Graded Sports Cards

PREZA Graded Sports Card Slab Storage Box: Product Review

Need an honest review of the PREZA Graded Sports Card Slab Storage Box? I'm your huckleberry. It protects, organizes well, & looks great!
Best Dad Jokes Book Listing, Buying Guide, Tips

Best Dad Joke Books: Reasons to Buy, Tips, Well-Curated Listing

Looking to up your dad jokes game? Buy a book! Memorize the classics or surprise them with new ones, then laugh your butts off. Here's why you need a physical book, tips for buying, and a well-curated listing.
Ultimate Warrior Costume Homemade DIY Checklist

Ultimate Warrior Costume: Homemade DIY Checklist

Don't buy that one-size-fits-all cheap Ultimate Warrior costume. It'll suck. Be wildly impressive and make your own! Here's exactly what to buy, how to assemble, makeup ideas, and lots of tips. The ULTIMATE checklist to become the wrestling legend!
Rough & Tumble Play with Dad - History, Examples, Benefits, Psychology, Products

Rough & Tumble Play: Guide to Benefits, Examples, Psychology

If you're anything like me, I delight in the rough and tumble play with my kids. And they love it, too. But did you know this activity is more than just fun? Your kids will reap huge benefits emotionally, physically, socially, and more. Here's your ultimate guide. Time to wrestle!
Fun Hypothetical Questions for Kids - Choose any physical feat

Fun Hypothetical Questions for Kids: Choose ANY Physical Feat

I love hypotheticals. They're great at the dinner table, in the car, and while waiting in lines. Here's a fun hypothetical question for your kids that'll get 'em dreaming BIG when it comes to physical fitness!