Best organic fruit and veggie wash review

Best Organic Fruit and Veggie Wash: Product Review

Looking for the BEST organic fruit and veggie wash? This product tackles dirt (yuck!), pesticides, bacteria, and that thin layer of man-made wax. Though the USDA says it's not required, I always wash my produce!
Mini Silver Dollar Pancake Pan Skillet review

Mini Silver Dollar Pancake Pan Skillet: Product Review

Looking to make the perfect mini silver dollar pancake for your kids? It starts with the perfect pan. This pancake skillet offers 4 indentations, has a non-stick surface that passes safety regulations, & heats evenly.
Car Seat Sweat Cover product review

Car Seat Sweat Cover: Product Review

Drive to the gym? Sweat a lot? Don't want sweaty seats on way home? You need this car seat sweat cover STAT, and here's my full review.
Self care for Dads what, why, how, ideas

Self Care for Dads: What it is, Why Needed, 14 Ideas

Mufasa. Ted Lasso. Brian Mills (from Taken). Dads desire to be ALL the personas. They want physical strength, emotional resilience, protective instincts, and everlasting love. Lofty goals require Dad to prioritize self care. Here's why it's critical for Dads and 14 ideas for regular practice.
Healthy Dad Goals - my metrics for optimal health

Healthy Dad Goals: My 16 Metrics for Optimal Health

Something happened when I hit my 40s. I stopped thinking about my health selfishly, and started planning to be a healthy Dad (and Grandpa!) for my kids both physically and mentally. My goals changed, so I formed and adopted these 16 metrics for optimal health that I follow weekly.
How to avoid seed oils with tips, ideas, resources, and brands to choose

How to Avoid Seed Oils: Tips, Ideas, & Resources

Avoiding toxic seed oils in what you eat is the #1 thing you and your family can do to prevent metabolic disease, feel better, and look better. But, since seed oils are in EVERYTYHING, how can you? After a few years of trial and error, here are my hacks, tips, and recommendations.
Can A Healthy Lifestyle Increase Life Expectancy?

Can a Healthy Lifestyle Increase Life Expectancy?

Research says a strict diet, lots of exercise, and not smoking will extend your life. BUT, by only a couple years. Um, what? A healthy lifestyle is more about quality of life in later years. Here's what I found in this journey.
Hypotension Headaches after standing up quickly post-sleep

Hypotension Headaches after standing up quickly post-sleep

After monitoring my resting heart rate with the Whoop band, and a little research, I finally discovered the root of my morning headaches when I stand up out of bed too quickly. They're called hypotension headaches.