How to avoid seed oils with tips, ideas, resources, and brands to choose

How to Avoid Seed Oils: Tips, Ideas, & Resources

Avoiding toxic seed oils in what you eat is the #1 thing you and your family can do to prevent metabolic disease, feel better, and look better. But, since seed oils are in EVERYTYHING, how can you? After a few years of trial and error, here are my hacks, tips, and recommendations.

Is a Healthy Lifestyle Extending My Life?

Research says a strict diet, lots of exercise, and not smoking will extend your life. BUT, by only by a couple years. Um, what? Cue paradigm shift. A healthy lifestyle is more about quality of life in later years. Here's what I found in this journey.
Morning headaches because of Orthostatic hypotension or Postural Hypotension

Postural Hypotension: The crux of my (sometimes) morning headaches!

After monitoring my resting heart rate for nearly 2 months, and a little research, I finally discovered the root of my morning headaches when I jump out of bed too quickly. It\'s called Orthostatic hypotension, or Postural Hypotension.